Denon DJ Prime系列近年来代表了DJ技术中最重要的范式转变。由十个精美的先进技术单位组成,范围涵盖了前瞻性,创造性地驱动的DJ的每一个可想到的性能需求。From the SC6000 flagship media players and pro-club X1850 mixer, right through to the standalone smart DJ systems of the PRIME 4 and 2, Engine OS powered, ‘no-compromise’ feature sets can accommodate the most demanding DJ scenarios, from mobile to mainstage. The simplicity of ‘play anywhere’ DJing arrives too with the unique and ultra-portable, battery powered PRIME GO. This, alongside all other PRIME series DJ products, is empowered with WiFi and wired internet capability, enabling standalone streaming from premier music services such as TIDAL and SoundCloud* – Embrace the Future of professional DJ’ing with the PRIME Series!

* Beatport和Beatce Services即将到达。

拥抱未来 - 符合Prime系列家庭

使用SC6000 / M媒体播放器加强乘船